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Public Policy

Effect Change

Through efforts of many our Chapter helps identify the public policy issues most important to the Chapter membership and communicates those issues to the National Council Representative on Public Policy, the NAWBO Chicago PAC, and the National Office. The voice of NAWBO Chicago members are heard, and together we are championing issues, effecting change, and making a difference.

Policies and Positions

NAWBO has focused on public policy issues of national and statewide interest impacting women entrepreneurs and small businesses since 1975. By attending White House events, providing Congressional testimony, holding advocacy conferences, developing reports, and educating members, NAWBO has consistently brought the concerns of women business owners to our lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

In 1988, NAWBO played a key role in the passage of The Women's Business Ownership Act, also known as H.R. 5050. This landmark legislation allowed women to receive business loans without the co-signature of a male relative. H.R. 5050 also created the National Women's Business Council, a body of women entrepreneurs and women's organizations that provides counsel to the President and Congress.

Increased Federal Procurement for Women Business Owners
Currently, only three percent of federal contracts go to women-owned businesses. NAWBO is strongly advocating raising that number to the five percent minimum established in 1994. read more »

Access to Affordable Health Care
NAWBO supports affordable health insurance offerings for small businesses that will lower costs and promote multi-year predictability for women business owners and their employees. read more »

Fair and Equitable Tax Treatment for Small Businesses
Legislation should be enacted to ensure tax equity and basic fairness for all forms of small business organizations. The privilege of deducting legitimate business expenses should no longer be based upon the entity chosen to operate the business. read more »

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